Intro der Ausstellung „Back to Future“, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

Back to Future. Visions of technologies between fiction and reality

November 2020 to 24. October 2021

They dream of flying cars, cities in space and living worlds under water. They predict videophones in their vest pockets and devise time machines to travel into the future. At the end of the 19th century and in the course of the 20th century, science fiction authors, inventors and technology enthusiasts were singing a dazzling and fascinating tune about the future, which was soon replaced by a period of critical scrutiny of technology.

The exhibition „Back to future“ is a pictorial journey to the technical visions of yesterday’s future that creative masterminds:inside came up with. In illustrations and novels, on postcards and in films, they designed images in which the hopes, longings, fears and objections of the respective time are expressed. They are fantastic images and very concrete ideas – some visions have already become self-evident everyday life, others have missed the mark in an entertaining way.

The exhibition presents both euphoric and critical visions of technology for communication and mobility, and tells the story of the social breeding ground on which they were born. Perhaps a look at these historical futures will help us better understand the fears and hopes we project into our future today. After all, the defining future technologies of our present – robots, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars – we discover in part in visionary designs of days gone by.

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