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Von der Lochkarte zur Cloud


Die Entwicklung des Computers erforderte es, Informationen zu speichern. Ging es in den 1950-ern um wenige Kilobyte, vervielfachten sich Speicherbedarf und -kapazität rasch, die Datenträger schrumpften im Gegenzug. Mit der Digitalisierung wurden mehr und mehr Arten von Medieninhalten digital gespeichert: Bilder, Texte, Video und Ton. Inzwischen steigt die weltweite Datenmenge rasant: Das jährliche Datenaufkommen für 2025 wird auf 175 Mrd. Terabyte

Gemeinsam mit Studierenden des Instituts für Geschichte der TU Darmstadt hat die Museumsstiftung für Post und Telekommunikation die Online-Ausstellung „Von der Lochkarte zur Cloud“ entwickelt: 20 Objekte und Archivalien behandeln die Geschichte der digitalen Speichermedien und ihre Nutzung.


Funk für Fans. Hessische Rundfunkgeschichten

ab 17. Februar 2022

Der Hessische Rundfunk hat für die Ausstellung „Funk für Fans. Hessische Rundfunkgeschichten“ seine Archive geöffnet. Mit Text-, Bild- und Tondokumenten wird an besondere Programmereignisse erinnert: Abendstudio und Funkkolleg, Deutsches Jazzfestival und die Popwelle hr3 – bei den ausgewählten Themenbereichen handelt es sich um Momentaufnahmen. Sie spiegeln die Vielfalt des hr-Programms wider. Ergänzt werden diese Rückblicke durch die Präsentation neuer Programminhalte wie „Deutschrap Ideal“ oder den „Wunderwigwam“ Wissenspodcast für Kinder.

Seit seiner Errichtung als öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunkanstalt im Jahr 1948 hat der Hessische Rundfunk so gut wie alle wichtigen Ereignisse und Entwicklungen in Politik, Gesellschaft, Wissenschaft, Sport und Kultur dokumentiert und kommentiert sowie mit außergewöhnlichen Sendeformaten und Moderator:innen Radiogeschichte geschrieben.

Eine Ausstellung in Kooperation mit dem hr.

Welcome to the Museum of Communication Frankfurt

The experts on the history, present and future of communication

About us

In the multiple award-winning museum building on Schaumainkai, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the history of communication. Special features include the Art and Communication department and the lively offerings of the Children’s Workshop.

In the permanent exhibition „Mediengeschichte|n neu erzählt!“ you can experience the development of communication on 2,500 square meters. With the help of groundbreaking inventions, curious experiences and unusual fates, we span the arc from the cuneiform tablet to the data glasses.

On the second floor, in addition to the hands-on area of the children’s workshop, there is the Forum – an exhibition space for smaller temporary exhibitions. On the 2nd floor, large temporary exhibitions are presented on an area of 550 square meters. The museum roof houses a radio station that can be visited several times a week.

Your visit

A visit to the museum is again possible without advance notification. Admission to the museum is currently only permitted with negative proof (vaccinated, recovered, tested).

According to the state hygiene concept and with limited numbers of people in the exhibitions, we contribute to a relaxed visit to the museum.

We, and especially the telephone sheep, look forward to seeing you!

Your museum team

Admission fees

Adults from 18 years: 6 €
Reduced admission: 4 €
Children, teenagers (6 – 17 years): 1,50 €
Children under 14 years only if accompanied by an adult

Our reductions

Reduced admission is available for schoolchildren, students (not students of the University of the 3rd age U3L), persons doing federal voluntary service, unemployed persons, severely disabled persons with a reduction in earning capacity of 50 GdB or more, Frankfurt Pass/Culture Pass holders, holders of the Hessian Volunteer Card.

Special offers

Admission free
ICOM members, holders of MuseumsuferCard, MuseumsuferTickets, accompanying persons of groups & school classes, students of Frankfurt universities (Goethe University, University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences).
Free Fridays!“ campaign
free admission on Fridays for school classes & groups of 10 or more people

Opening hours in detail

Tue-Fri 11-18 h
Sat, Sun + holidays 11-19 h


Opening hours during the holidays: 11 am – 7 pm
Christmas/New Year: The museum is closed on 24/12, 25/12 and 31/12, 1/1.

How to reach us

Museum of Communication Frankfurt
Schaumainkai 53 (Museumsufer)
60596 Frankfurt on the Main

Phone +49 (0)69 60 60 0
Fax +49 (0)69 60 60 666
E-Mail mfk-frankfurt@mspt.de

Transport connections
From the city center:
Subway lines U 1, U 2, U 3, U 8, stop „Schweizer Platz“.

From the main train station:
Subway lines U 4, U 5, „Willy-Brandt-Platz“ stop
Streetcar line 16

The museum is largely barrier-free.


Acceleration, networks, control and participation: We tell media history(s) based on four major phenomena and address different facets of communication in our temporary exhibitions. In this way, we span arcs from the past to the present, from our objects to you as a visitor.

Now in the museum

Education and mediation

Our interactive educational offers invite you to participate, reflect and network – alone, as a group, in a team – with us and our cooperation partners.

Booking and advice

E-mail: vermittlung.mfk-frankfurt@mspt.de
Phone: 069- 60 60 321

We will be pleased to be at your service!

Service phone
Mon-Thu 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm

Back to Future. Visions of technologies between fiction and reality

November 2020 to 24. October 2021

They dream of flying cars, cities in space and living worlds under water. They predict videophones in their vest pockets and devise time machines to travel into the future. At the end of the 19th century and in the course of the 20th century, science fiction authors, inventors and technology enthusiasts were singing a dazzling and fascinating tune about the future, which was soon replaced by a period of critical scrutiny of technology.

The exhibition „Back to future“ is a pictorial journey to the technical visions of yesterday’s future that creative masterminds:inside came up with. In illustrations and novels, on postcards and in films, they designed images in which the hopes, longings, fears and objections of the respective time are expressed. They are fantastic images and very concrete ideas – some visions have already become self-evident everyday life, others have missed the mark in an entertaining way.

The exhibition presents both euphoric and critical visions of technology for communication and mobility, and tells the story of the social breeding ground on which they were born. Perhaps a look at these historical futures will help us better understand the fears and hopes we project into our future today. After all, the defining future technologies of our present – robots, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars – we discover in part in visionary designs of days gone by.

Opening video tour

Missed the live stream? Re-watch the exhibition opening here and go on an exciting curated tour of the exhibition


Expotizer for the exhibition

The Expotizer provides exciting insights into the exhibition online. You can access the offering conveniently from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


Supported by the

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Delightful Garden VR. A Virtual Reality Experience in the Garden of Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

3. September 2021 to 23. January 2022

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People enjoying themselves, bizarre animal creatures, and unruly goings-on – Hieronymus Bosch’s famous painting The Garden of Delights is one of the most enigmatic and impressive paintings in the history of art, particularly because of its seemingly endless amount of fantastic detail.

From September, visitors inside the Museum of Communication will be able to view these details from a whole new perspective: In the Virtual Reality Experience DelightfulGardenVR visitors inside can literally step through the screen into Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Delights while donning a VR headset and experience an exciting adventure about sin and guilt.  However, the virtual reality exhibition not only enables a special, interactive art experience, but also provides insights into TimeLeapVR’s production process: from the authentic transfer of the artistic style and the reproduction of the image content to the animation of the garden’s inhabitants. In the process, visitors inside are invited to reflect on the experience of real and virtual worlds.

DelightfulGardenVR. A Virtual Reality Experience in Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Delights is an exhibition of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication and is supported by the Dr. Marschner Foundation, the Hessian Cultural Foundation and „experimente# digital – a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation.

Accompanying program

Curious Communication. Unusual objects and stories from the collection

30. september to 20. february 2022

A phone shaped like a showerhead, a stamp that can be played with a record player, a beer mat sent as a postcard, a denim jacket that can be used to control a smartphone – when people want to convey messages, they get creative.

Curious objects that surprise with an unusual use, have an extraordinary history or a special design are part of the collection of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication. Throughout the centuries, from the earliest times to the digital present, technicians, inventors, and amateurs have developed things and ways to deliver messages.

The exhibition is dedicated to these particular objects, and in doing so, also explores the question of how, why, and for whom museums collect.

Accompanying program

So 23.01.2022 | 15 Uhr Kuriose Kommunikation. Ungewöhnliche Objekte und Geschichten aus der Sammlung Führung
So 30.01.2022 | 15 Uhr Kuriose Kommunikation. Ungewöhnliche Objekte und Geschichten aus der Sammlung Führung
So 06.02.2022 | 17 Uhr Kuriose Kommunikation. Ungewöhnliche Objekte und Geschichten aus der Sammlung Führung
So 06.02.2022 | 15 Uhr Kuriose Kommunikation. Ungewöhnliche Objekte und Geschichten aus der Sammlung Führung
So 13.02.2022 | 15 Uhr Kuriose Kommunikation. Ungewöhnliche Objekte und Geschichten aus der Sammlung Führung

Alle Veranstaltungen

Mediengeschichte|n neu erzählt!

Our permanent exhibition

Follow us on a journey through the past, present and future of communication: based on groundbreaking inventions, curious experiences and unusual fates, we span the arc from the cuneiform tablet to data glasses in the permanent exhibition on 2500 square meters.

44 thematic islands exemplify the development based on four central phenomena:

Beschleunigung: Bahnpost, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

ACCELERATION – Our everyday life is characterized by stress and time pressure. We want to experience more, accomplish more, feel more in the time available. This compression accelerates us further. Digitalization and mobility contribute to this and shape the history of communication. Time has become the scarcest raw material in the world – how do we deal with this development?

Vernetzung: Telefonvermittlung, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

NETWORKING – Global networking began with shipping, railroads and telegraphy. Today, we network with people, information and things – mobile and in real time. The boundary to the digital world has become fluid. Will increasing networking bring us closer together?

Kontrolle: Liveübertragung, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

CONTROL – Almost everything is available online, and smart devices enable access anytime and anywhere. Digitization offers limitless possibilities, but in the process we leave our mark: our data is becoming a sought-after commodity for companies and states. How can we take advantage of this digital world without relinquishing control over our personal data?

Teilhabe: Ost-Sandmännchen, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

PARTICIPATION – Newspapers, radio and television keep us informed about world events. Through the Internet and smartphones, we can now become an active part of digital communities: we share our opinions, experiences and news. Theoretically – because not everyone can or wants to participate. Global togetherness or digital exclusion?

There is in no fixed tour. You can surf through the permanent exhibition similar to the WWW and make your personal links. At many interactive stations you can learn playfully, leave us your opinion, check your user behavior or take away tips. In the art area, highlights of the collection and temporary exhibitions related to the phenomena of communication history await you.