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Press releases

Debates Tuesday | Man and animal – a political relationship2023-06-07
International Museum Day | Collection Depot Heusenstamm2023-05-17
Night of the Museums 2023 | Green Night2023-05-10
KLIMA_X Action Day | Connect local2023-04-21
KlimaKINO | Documentary film “Bigger Than Us” followed by panel discussion2023-04-12
Podcast & Liveradio | ON AIR: Humanimal. The animal and us2023-04-06
KlimaKINO | Documentary “Barricade. Pictures of a forest occupation”2023-03-23
Digital Climate Club | Act, Participate, Communicate2023-03-21
Poetry Slam | KLIMA_X Poetry Show2023-03-08
K3 Award for Climate Communication | Launch of the call for entries2023-02-27
Invitation Press Briefing | “Humanimal2023-02-13
Jazz concert | Rage against plastic: Erwin Ditzner & Lömsch Lehmann Duo2023-02-06
Round of talks in two halves | On swearing and cursing in the stadium2023-01-24
Invitation Annual Press Conference | Program 20232023-01-23
Digital Climate Club | Shower, Heat, Save2023-01-11
Action Day | “Potz! Blitz!” with children’s university, impulse lectures and activities2023-01-03

Pressemitteilungen Archiv

Cinema screening | Dear Future Children2022-11-28
Debate Tuesday | Infocalypse now? The climate crisis and its media images2022-11-08
Thinking Space for Participation | “Climate & You2022-11-07
Vacation workshop | Drawing climate comics for children and adults2022-10-25
Dialog event | Development of data protection in the interplay of communications technology and law2022-10-21
“vollehalle” | The climate show for the new exhibition KLIMA_X2022-09-23
Invitation press briefing | KLIMA_X2022-09-16
Invitation Press Briefing | “Potz! Flash! From the Curse of the Pharaoh to Hate Speech2022-08-01
Debate Tuesday | The Medium of Radio in Times of Crisis2022-07-14
Summer party for the 90th birthday of Nam June Paik | Performing Paik. Art, K-Pop & Korea2022-07-13
Podcast live | “Wunderwigwam” children’s podcast with Fox Schlaufuchs and Polly Plapperschlange2022-07-11
Book Preview | Live Drawing with Anke Kuhl2022-06-30
Panel Discussion | Quality Journalism in Times of Global Crises2022-06-22
KLIMA_X | Establishment of a flowering meadow together with the Environmental Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main2022-06-21
Conference UAI | Museum of Communication becomes a meeting place for AI experts2022-05-13
International Museum Day | Welcome to the Collection Depot2022-05-05
Debate Tuesday | The Future of Radio2022-04-14
Two performances of the hr2-RadioLiveTheater in the museum2022-03-24
25 years on air: radio x goes live on air at the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt2022-03-22
Soziopod Live & Analog | Live Podcast as part of “ON AIR. 100 years of radio”2022-03-11
Invitation Press Briefing | “Of Monsters, Mice and Men. Axel Scheffler’s fantastic letter pictures”2022-02-23
Invitation Press Briefing | “Funk für Fans. Hessian radio stories”2022-02-03
Data Tuesday on tour | “Challenges from the perspective of data protection supervision”.2022-01-28
Launch of the virtual exhibition world “DelightfulGarden Online” | Mozilla Hub on the “Garden of Delights2022-01-22
Invitation Annual Press Event | Review 2021 and Outlook 20222022-01-20
Invitation digital press briefing | Online exhibition “From punch card to cloud2021-12-08
Invitation to the press briefing | Exhibition “ON AIR. 100 years of radio”2021-11-11
Debates Tuesday Digital | “Quo vadis, Blockchain and NFTs?”2021-11-10
VR Action Day | “What is Virtual Reality?”2021-10-19
Vacation Workshop | “News from the Future2021-10-08
Debate Tuesday digital | #Change. Digital protest culture2021-10-08
Feminist Future | Performative Evening together with the Frauenreferat Frankfurt2021-10-04
Booklaunch “Frankfurt is(s)t bunt” together with Über den Tellerrand Frankfurt e.V. 2021-10-01
No. 23 Invitation to the press meeting | Delightful Garden VR. A Virtual Reality Experience in the Garden of Delights by Hieronymus Bosch2021-08-23
No. 22 London Calling| Film screening and discussion2021-08-12
No. 20 #SonicExcursions: Concert & Guided Tour | International Ensemble Modern Academy plays works by Michael Beil and Luigi Nono2021-07-08
No. 19 “If you don’t want to think, you’re out.” | BEUYS talk with workshop2021-07-06
No. 18 Without words. Corona – Art – Communication – Museum of Communication presents a participatory exhibition project in its art spaces2021-07-04
No. 17 We’re Back: The Summer Vacation Program at the Museum of Communication 2021-07-01
No. 16 Invitation to the opening matinee | Without Words. Corona – Art – Communication 2021-06-24
No. 15 Eight Visions | Epilogue and Book Premiere (Livestream)2021-06-08
No. 14 Reopening Museum of Communication in May2021-05-25
No. 13 Collection call | Smartphone.25 – Tell a story!2021-05-11
No. 12 Invitation to the digital press conference | Smartphone.25 – Tell a story!2021-05-11
No. 11 Far away from home | Online presentation on writing in captivity of war2021-04-27
No. 10 Debate Tuesday | Everything Digital – Status Update on Everyday Work and University Life2021-04-22
No. 09 Presentation of a collection object at the evening for Rudolf M. Heilbrunn to the Jewish Museum Frankfurt2021-04-16
No. 08 Digital offerings of the Museum of Communication Frankfurt in Lockdown2021-04-15
No. 07 Back to Future | Reading and Discussion with Dietmar Dath2021-03-17
No. 06 Museum of Communication Frankfurt Reopening2021-03-09
No. 05 Opening | Letters without signature. GDR History(s) on BBC Radio2021-02-26
No. 04 Invitation to Digital Press Conference | Letters without Signature. GDR History(s) on BBC Radio2021-02-23
No. 03 Digital Press Review | Museum of Communication Exhibitions and Activities 2021 2021-01-29
No. 02 Free digital workshop on fake news2021-01-27
No. 01 Q & A Online Video Conversation (in English) with Andrew McLuhan & Baruch Gottlieb2021-01-11
No. 32 “Vision for a Better Future” | Reading with Dietmar Dath2020-12-10
No. 31 Tracing the myth online! Launch of the exhibition “Germania. From Myth to Brand”2020-12-03
No. 30 Debates Tuesday Digital | The enhanced human: the cyborg in us2020-11-20
No. 29 Opening | Back to Future. Visions of technology between fiction and reality2020-11-18
No. 28 Back to Future | Special postmark available for the exhibition2020-11-11
No. 27 Invitation | Individual Press Appointments “Back to Future. Visions of technology between fiction and reality2020-11-06
No.26 Closure of the museum | Digital offers and exhibition previews2020-11-02
No. 24 Invitation | Press Briefing and Exhibition Presentation “Back to Future. Visions of technology between fiction and reality2020-10-27
No. 23 Public Talk | The Future of the Book in the Electronic Age2020-10-08
No. 22 Invitation to Press Briefing | # Feedback 5: Global Warning! – Marshall McLuhan and the Arts2020-09-18
No. 21 Educational offers and special tours in September2020-09-08
No. 20 Audience Talk | Spaceship Living Room. The moon landing as a media event2020-08-26
No. 19 Debates Tuesday digital: Life by the numbers – tracking, rating, scoring2020-08-17
No. 18 Project review “The Return of the Pre Bell Man by Nam June Paik” and outlook on upcoming artistic positions2020-08-13
No. 17 Invitation to the conclusion of the project “The Return of Pre Bell Man by Nam June Paik”.2020-08-05
No. 14 Collection call of the Museum Foundation – Communication in times of Corona.2020-07-18
No. 13 8 Authors. 8 Fictions. Eight visions. Publication in the publishing house Henrich Editionen2020-07-16
No. 12 From Zero to One – Free Online Programming Course for Beginners2020-06-03
No. 11 All for all? – Solidarity and Corona. Series of events by the Protestant Academy Frankfurt and the Museum of Communication Frankfurt2020-05-26
No. 11 Debates Tuesday online: Match, Swipe, Like – from Dating & Data2020-05-20
No. 10 Invitation to the press briefing #neuland: Me, us & digitalization2020-05-13
No. 09 Museum of Communication Frankfurt opens on May 12, 20202020-05-04
No. 08 Museum of Communication Frankfurt closed until May 3, 20202020-04-22
No. 07 Scrap Robos: An Online Participation Action of the Children’s Workshop2020-04-08
No. 06 Debates Tuesday online: Me, myself & I: Who am I online?2020-03-27
No. 05 Online Sneak Preview: “#neuland: Me, Us & Digitization”2020-03-18
No. 04 Invitation to press preview “#neuland: Me, us & digitalization”2020-03-10
No. 03 Reading in cooperation with the publishing house Größenwahn Urige Gassen, geheimnisvolle Plätze und liebliche Orte2020-03-09
No. 02 Action Day “Secret Sunday” – On the exhibition “The Secret2020-03-05
No. 01 Safer Internet Day – URANIA play on February 11, 20202020-02-06
No. 00 Invitation to the press conference – exhibition “Germania. Brand & Myth2020-02-05

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