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Our permanent exhibition

Follow us on a journey through the past, present and future of communication: based on groundbreaking inventions, curious experiences and unusual fates, we span the arc from the cuneiform tablet to data glasses in the permanent exhibition on 2500 square meters.

44 thematic islands exemplify the development based on four central phenomena:

Beschleunigung: Bahnpost, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

ACCELERATION – Our everyday life is characterized by stress and time pressure. We want to experience more, accomplish more, feel more in the time available. This compression accelerates us further. Digitalization and mobility contribute to this and shape the history of communication. Time has become the scarcest raw material in the world – how do we deal with this development?

Vernetzung: Telefonvermittlung, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

NETWORKING – Global networking began with shipping, railroads and telegraphy. Today, we network with people, information and things – mobile and in real time. The boundary to the digital world has become fluid. Will increasing networking bring us closer together?

Kontrolle: Liveübertragung, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

CONTROL – Almost everything is available online, and smart devices enable access anytime and anywhere. Digitization offers limitless possibilities, but in the process we leave our mark: our data is becoming a sought-after commodity for companies and states. How can we take advantage of this digital world without relinquishing control over our personal data?

Teilhabe: Ost-Sandmännchen, Dauerausstellung, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

PARTICIPATION – Newspapers, radio and television keep us informed about world events. Through the Internet and smartphones, we can now become an active part of digital communities: we share our opinions, experiences and news. Theoretically – because not everyone can or wants to participate. Global togetherness or digital exclusion?

There is in no fixed tour. You can surf through the permanent exhibition similar to the WWW and make your personal links. At many interactive stations you can learn playfully, leave us your opinion, check your user behavior or take away tips. In the art area, highlights of the collection and temporary exhibitions related to the phenomena of communication history await you.