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ON AIR. 100 Years of Radio

November 26th 2021 to August 28th 2022

It is hard to imagine a world without radio. Since its beginnings, we have used the world’s first electronic mass medium to inform and amuse ourselves. It inspires and touches us as individuals and as a society. Actors in politics, business and the arts were quick to recognise the potential of radio: as rapidly as it gained popularity in the 1920s, it was not immune to disruption and disruption. “ON AIR. 100 Years of Radio” tells the eventful history of radio in Germany.

On the tour through 100 years of radio history in Germany, you will encounter around 250 objects that tell the story of the technical foundations and beginnings of radio, its role in the Nazi era and the reorganisation in a divided and then reunited Germany.

You will also learn how a radio studio works: In the broadcasting booth you can create and present your own radio programme or cut a mix tape with your very own audio biography.

An exhibition of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunications, funded by Kulturstiftung der Länder

In cooperation with Stiftung Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv and the hr, Media partner is ARTE


Visit the exhibition before you visit the exhibition: virtual insights ON AIR with our Expotizer.


Go on a search for clues with your family as radio reporters: an ON AIR exhibition bag (€5) with amazing experiments and fun game ideas for your tour is available at our museum ticket office.

Press reports

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Accompanying programme

So 10.07.2022 | 16 Uhr ON AIR. 100 Jahre Radio Führung
Sa 16.07.2022 | 15 Uhr Klimaschutz – Wie Du der Umwelt helfen kannst! Kinder & Familien
So 17.07.2022 | 16 Uhr ON AIR. 100 Jahre Radio Führung
Di 19.07.2022 | 18.30 Uhr Debatten-Dienstag: Under Pressure! Debatten-Dienstag
Sa 23.07.2022 | 15.30 Uhr DIY Radio Workshop Kinder & Familien

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