C O N T E N T - S I N G L E . P H P

2 Ocotber 2015 - 11 September 2016


A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

The taste of the great, wide world has faded
and we’re talking about the weather again.
No longer in peace with a good cigar, however.
Today there’s always something to do,
so let’s get started.
We’re wickedly cool and shout for joy,
although we don’t have a car
and can only repark our minds.

In the competition to grab and hold the attention of consumers, companies communicate in the language of the moment. Ad agencies keep track of the attitudes and lifestyles of entire generations in order to touch people and tempt them to buy. Why are there some advertising campaigns whose slogans and images stamp themselves upon the collective consciousness and others that sink into oblivion?

In a kaleidoscopic retrospective, the Museum für Kommunikation presents the most popular and successful advertising campaigns from the post-war era to the present day. While the primary setting is the Federal Republic of Germany, we shall be taking excursions into advertising in the GDR. Over 50 campaigns convey the mood of their respective epoch and illustrate the powerful influence of society, politics and the arts upon advertising – and vice versa. For advertising is both a reflection and a projection: it mirrors and at the same time shapes its day. Political parodies of popular ad campaigns testify to the communicative power of the original, first developed for commercial purposes. The exhibition also goes behind the scenes and looks at the concepts and strategies of ad maker.

A C F : dechents flexible Inhalte ANFANG
A C F : dechents flexible Inhalte ENDE