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Funkstation auf dem Dach des Museums fuer Kommunikation Frankfurt

Discover the world of amateur radio

Funkstation auf dem Dach des Museums fuer Kommunikation Frankfurt
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In the radio station on the museum’s roof, members of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) give you an insight into global radio communications. Here, they show visitors the different pieces of equipment in the radio station, and explain how they work.

Radio operators communicate via voice radio, Morse telegraphy, as well as image and satellite transmissions, and much more. Germany has approximately 80,000 amateur radio operators, and there are about two million ‘radio hams’ around the world. Amateur radio is a popular hobby combining communication and technical skills – since much of the equipment still has to be customised or entirely homemade. With their hobby, these enthusiasts also build bridges internationally, promoting global understanding.

In the museum’s radio station, visitors are unfortunately unable to try out the equipment themselves, since that requires a licence, but they can see how messages arrive from Russia or Japan or are sent to the United States or Brazil. In addition, visitors can view various pieces of historical equipment – including a converted military aircraft radio from 1943.

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