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The award-winning museum building on Schaumainkai directly on the banks of the River Main provides a fascinating insight into the history of communication. The museum’s highlights include the Art and Communication section, and the wide range of fun activities in the Children’s Workshop.

The new permanent exhibition has been opening in September 2017. On the basement level the past, present and future of communication can be freshly explored and displayed on a spreading 2,500 sq. metres of space.

The first floor comprises the Forum, an exhibition room for smaller, temporary exhibitions, and the Children’s Workshop’s activity area. The large temporary exhibitions are shown on the second floor, an area of 550 m². The museum roof is home to a radio station which can be visited on several days in the week.

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Daniel Voigt

Press Officer
Schaumainkai 53 (Museumsufer)
60596 Frankfurt am Main
Tel +49 (0)69 60 60 351
Fax +49 (0)69 60 60 666

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