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29. April – 11. November 2018

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We live in a world in which the connections between every person to everyone and everything seem complete. The worldwide communications networks have increasingly condensed since the Morse code days during which coded messages would be sent through networks of cables. The level of connectivity has become an indicator of economic success thanks to the development of phone communication and then the internet, as well as improved transport. In the private sphere, social networks and contacts to other people have expanded to social media channels on the internet, through which users are able to create and share content.

The permanent exhibit at the Museum for Communication broaches the issue of CONNECTIVITY alongside ACCELERATION, CONTROL and SHARING as one of four PHENOMENA because they considerably determine peoples’ dealing with the media.

The museum’s exhibition rooms dedicated to artists’ work present the artistic shifting positions toward communication as evidenced in the works in which these timeless phenomena of communication are reunited.

Following the works of Natascha Borowsky, Susanne Neumann and Veronika Olma, who are concerned with acceleration, works by Barbara Remus and Sabine Ostermann will be exhibited from 29 April 2018. Their works, though through significantly different means both in terms of technique and also the configuration of the theme, are concerned with connectivity; fine paper weavings for Remus, linocuts with striking colors on Ostermann’s part. Sitha Reis and Lukas Sünder, whose work triggers social processes and accompanies them digitally, dedicate themselves playfully and interactively to the theme of ‘city feuds.’ They invite their audience to seek out digital, analog or even personal encounters at the Museum for Communication.

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