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Welcome to our new permanent exhibition!

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

Follow us on a journey through the past, present and future of communication. On the basis of ground-breaking inventions, curious experiences and uncommon destinies, we trace a trajectory from cuneiform tablets to smart glasses over an exhibition space of 2,500 m2. This development is illustrated in 44 islands, each devoted to a particular theme or historical event and grouped under one of four key phenomena:

ACCELERATION – Stress and time pressure affect almost every aspect of daily life. Wanting to experience more, achieve more and feel more, we pack as much as possible into our time – making it fly even faster. Acceleration has profoundly shaped the history of communication and today’s digitization and mobility continue to increase the pace. Time has become the world’s scarcest resource: how do we manage this development?

CONNECTEDNESS – Global connectivity began with shipping, railway and telegraphy. Today we are networked with people, data and things – on the go and in real time. The boundary with the digital world has become fluid. Does this increasing connectedness bring us closer?

GLOBAL CONTROL – Almost everything is available online and smart devices allow us access anytime and everywhere. Digitization offers boundless possibilities, but we thereby leave a trail: our data become prized commodities for businesses and governments. How can we enjoy the advantages of this digital world without relinquishing control over our personal data?

PARTICIPATION – Newspapers, radio and television inform us about current affairs. Using the internet and smartphones, we can now become active members of digital communities and share our opinions, experiences and latest news. In theory, that is. Because not everyone has the opportunity – or indeed the wish – to participate.

Global forum or digital divide? There is no pre-set circuit around the exhibition. As on the web, you can surf the islands and create your own links. Along the way you can play some games, leave us your opinion or assess your user behaviour (and even take away a few tips) at one of our many interactive stations. Highlights of the museum collection await you in the Art area, along with temporary exhibitions relevant to the four phenomena structuring the permanent display.

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