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13. Februar til 21. Mai 2020

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

On 1st January 1900, the Deutsche Reichspost issued a series of new stamps, focusing on stamps with the motif of the “Germania”. This series was in use for a total of 22 years, an unusually long circulation period for stamps.

This long, historically very eventful time period also explains why the “Germania” is still, to this day, one of the best known and most influential postage stamps in Germany. It may come as a surprise that motif – personally selected by Kaiser Wilhelm II – survived even the First World War and thus the end of Imperial Germany. For the first time, the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt is publicly displaying a selection of the numerous competition designs from the Bonn Philatelic Archives surrounding the winning design by graphic artist Paul Eduard Waldraff. Their motifs allow significant conclusions to be drawn about the political situation at the time.

With this exhibition, the Museum für Kommunikation not only presents stamps and prints never before displayed to a broad audience, but also uses the motif as an arising occasion for a critical look at the currently much-discussed topic of a national identity that has to be redefined constantly. The YouTube channel “Germania” is an example of this.

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