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places communication in an attractive setting!

The award-winning museum building on the banks of the River Main provides a fascinating insight into the history of communications. The museum’s highlights include the Art and Communication section and the range of activities offered by the Children’s Workshop. Our …

C O N T E N T - C A T E G O R Y . P H P
Geschichte des Museums Briefmarken in der Dauerausstellung © Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

The history of the museum

The museum has its roots in the decision during the Second World War to evacuate and put into safe storage the collection of the Imperial Postal Museum (Reichspostmuseum) in Berlin. In 1945, the US forces discovered a substantial part of …

C O N T E N T - C A T E G O R Y . P H P
Lichthof © Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

The museum’s architecture

The new museum housing the permanent and changing exhibitions opened in 1990. Designed by Stuttgart architects Behnisch & Partners, it has won a number of prestigious architectural awards. To preserve the park and mature trees around the original mansion, the …