C O N T E N T - S I N G L E . P H P

18 November 2020 til 24 October 2021

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

Digital Opening

You missed the opening?

Here you can watch the opening again und take an exciting curated walk through the whole exhibiton!

The realities of today
are the visions of yesterday.


Driven by curiosity, dissatisfaction, hopes, and fears, people have been devising technically based visions of the future for centuries. Inspired by previous developments, fiction and real technical inventions often influence each other: Ideas from reality are taken up in literature, movies, or illustrations, recombined and possible effects are thought through further. Fictional stories, in turn, serve as a source of inspiration for technical designs. Exactly which idea follows another idea is also an intricate story of coincidences and simultaneities that can hardly be traced clearly. Some visions have already become a matter-of-course everyday life, others have missed the mark in an entertaining or tragic way.


The exhibition is as complex as the history of ideas itself. In four thematic rooms Optimization of the human being // Boundless communication // Overcoming space and time // The search for another world, the history of ideas of 16 selected technology visions on communication and mobility is presented in a varied way. The topics stand for themselves, which is why you as a visitor can be inspired by the technology visions you feel attracted to.


Finally, international artistic positions offer a sensual approach and the opportunity to speculate: What if…?


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