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Digitale Helden (Alternativtext)

Mentoring programme for schools

Digitale Helden (Alternativtext)

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What can you do against cyberbullying? Do you have to give Facebook all your personal data? What rights do you have in the digital world? The internet brings huge advantages – but also disadvantages as well. Young internet users in particular face the challenge of learning the best ways of protecting their personal data online, communicating in social networks, or dealing with cyberbullying.

This is where the ‘Digital Heroes’ mentoring programme can help. The programme was specifically developed to foster an awareness in young people of how to deal with the digital world and promote media competences. Based on a reciprocal exchange of views and experience, the aim is to encourage participants to critically review their own media use. With the support of trained older pupils as mentors, younger pupils learn how to deal with the internet responsibly. In this project, the schools are the key partners, ensuring that the pupils’ work on the ‘Digital Heroes’ project has a fixed place in their timetable. Since the project was first launched, the museum has been a cooperation partner and involved in training the pupils. In various workshops, it offers prospective ‘Digital Heroes’ the chance to deal actively with the topic of the internet outside school.

The programme is the recipient of numerous awards including the Klicksafe Prize 2014, Frankfurt’s Bürgerpreis (Citizen’s Prize) for voluntary work and the Fairness Initiative Prize 2015.

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