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25. OKTOBER 2018 BIS MÄRZ 2019

What is friendship? There are many answers to this question, to be found in literature, history, academic research – primarily, though, in our own experiences of life. People’s need for close friendship is near-universal, since in relationships with others we …

C O N T E N T - C A T E G O R Y . P H P

29. April – 11. November 2018

The museum is closed until and including October 2nd.

We live in a world in which the connections between every person to everyone and everything seem complete. The worldwide communications networks have increasingly condensed since the Morse code days during which coded messages would be sent through networks of cables. The level of connectivity has become an indicator of economic success thanks to the development of phone communication and then the internet, as well as improved transport. In the private sphere, social networks and contacts to other people have expanded to social media channels on the internet, through which users are able to create and share content.